Ankara Conference 2011

The days of the Ankara Conference are over now...we had great discussions, fruitful workshops and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of our friends of the Ankara University.

We will put the conference documentation online as soon as possible - in the meanwhile you can watch the photos of four days of hard work and splendid networking events. Thanks to all participants for coming and contributing!

The 2011 Ankara Conference is a joint activity by SiS-CATALYST and EUCU.NET – and is intended to foster mutual learning between the two networks and to bring associates of both networks in personal contact. However, it is open for ALL interested experts and practitioners in the Science-in-Society area.
SiS-CATALYST/EUCU.NET Joint Conference 2011:
“From Providence to Evidence: Governance and Strategic Development of SiS Activities for Children and Young People in the Context of Change”
University of Ankara, Turkey
Nov. 28th-30th, 2011
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From Providence to Evidence
The overall aspect of the conference is to support quality development and support capacity building and to underpin policy with current findings from practice in the SiS area. Moreover, all this shall be reflected in the light of individual learning journeys presented from and discussed among participants in SiS interventions for children and young people in previous years – who are possibly adult students nowadays.
What is the conference all about?
This conference will particularly focus on advancing the engagement with children and young people in science communication – not only in SiS practice, but also with a view to governance and institutional development of science organizations. This will be underpinned by current empirical evidence and shall support corresponding policy development on regional, national and European levels.
Consequently, the conference will tackle this ambition from two ends:
The SiS-CATALYST mission will be discussed vis-à-vis current and future EU policy and individual learning journeys of young people, who were addresses of SiS interventions in previous years or who are now active in science awareness programs or outreach activities as young students. Based on this discussion, the development of three vehicles for a Pan-European Action Plan will be discussed with experts and practitioners.
The EUCU.NET association will continue the theoretical and empirical reflection of Children’s Universities – as this is more and more in demand when the aim is to impact on policy development and quality development. This is well in line with the SiS-CATALYST approach and required to justify public funding or sponsoring for Children’s University activities by proof of practice. Previous analysis has revealed that impact analysis and verification of the long-term effects of Children’s Universities is still missing, fragmented or vague. Consequently, the 2011 conference will be used as an opportunity to promote, compare and reflect methodologies, methods and findings from current research in the area of SiS-activities for children and young people.
For more detail see Conference Programme.