The Presidents

Tricia Jenkins MBE is the Director over the International Centre for Excellence In Educational Opportunities, she also heads up the University of Liverpool Educational Opportunities Team. Tricia is innovative educator with high national visibility and a growing international reputation. Recognised as an expert in widening participation, access and equity issues, with 30 years experience as a practitioner and over 15 years as manager, consultant and policy adviser. 
Karoline Iber,educationalist. Managing director of Vienna University Children's Office; initiator and project leader of “KinderuniWien” (”Children’s University Vienna”); member of the rector’s office of University of Vienna; lecturer at University of Vienna.

Michael Seifert is specialist in German and Romance studies and trained teacher. Head of the Department of Public Relations of the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. Initiator and organiser of the Tübingen Children’s University. Descartes Prize for Science Communication of the European Union 2005

The General Secretary
Chris Gary, Sociologist. Project staff of the Vienna University Children's Office and responsible for project development and evaluation issues, coordinator of ECFUN (FP6-SiS) and EUCU.NET (FP7-SiS), international relations and dissemination, EU contacts.

The International Liaison Coordinator

Cyril Dworsky is archaeologist and project staff of the Vienna University Children's Office. He's responsible for web editorial, event management and active science communicator in the field of archaeology.