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Selected Works 


This is a portion (approx. 1/4) of a pencil mural that I created over the coarse of a year 2004-2005. It represents a journey from light through darkness and then back to light. In this photo the right side of the image appears distorted. This is due to the image existing in a corner. The approximate height of this image is 8 feet. The piece of work in its' entirety went through multiple variations before the conclusion was reached. This is the portion of the entire piece that remained constant.


"The Birth of Lazarus" 2002 pen and ink 75x80 inches. This is a panel mural comprised of 20 individual illustrations 15x20 inches. It took 10 weeks to complete working essentially every day for approx. 10 hrs to complete it. The story is meant to be read from left to right a row at a time (starting from the top). It is a story that represents a deliverance from one's inner demons. Lazarus, the character introduced in the top left of the piece lives within caverns deep inside the earth. As he watched over the world through pools found within the caverns, he is so saddened and enraged by the condition of the present day world. Anger consumed him and he was projected into one of the pools. Through the pools extraordinary power he is transformed and emerges as the mightiest of dragons, laying waste to all those who caused pain in the world above. Soon he realizes that so many were guilty of causing pain. How lonely the world would be if all who were with some imperfection existed no more. So Lazarus landed and regained his former self once again. He is humbled, and prayed for deliverance from his short sightedness. Soon an angel with a serpent-like glow appeared. She approached Lazarus and drew the demon out of his chest and compressed it into a sphere. She then absorbed it into herself. The angel then exhaled the demon out into nothingness, ridding Lazarus of his foe.Lazarus fund peace and was forever indebted to The serpentine angel. He quited himself, and ascended to his next place.



"Exhale" 2002 color pencil and pen 30x40 inches.

This piece is the "color culmination " to  the previous piece" The Birth of Lazarus" . In this piece the angel is exhaling the demon into the night sky. The spirit of the demon re-materializing can be seen on the bottom right of the piece. This symbolizes the cyclical healing process; The cyclical nature of life.


This piece is a trhyptic wood cut series titled "The Realm of the Spider Queen"  2005 carving. Each panel is 2x3 ft. They are intended to be block prints used to produce a mural print. The series was printed once in color and once in black and white.

To the left is a piece titled "Emerge: Birth of the Catwoman" 2001 color pencil and pen. It measures 30x40 inches. This piece is the daydream of the woman in the bottom left side of the piece. As she tastes the rose she envisions the cat within her emerge under the light of the moon.
















 "Balance of the Star"  2002 color pencil and pen 22x30 inches. It shows the five elements within the sacred star. to the left is the water woman and to the right the woman of fire.  


"Pray"  2003 color pencil and pen 40x60 inches


"Unify" 2003 acrylic paint  40x60 inches.


"Fire Child"  2006 oil on wood 24x48 inches

This is the element of fire portrayed as the female form everlasting. It is my goal to complete a painting for each of the 5 elements.

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