a.Christmas in Europe. Short description of project.

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Short description of project;

Partner schools of Europe upload the music, movies and photos of traditional Christmas songs, dances, custom from their region and country in a common blog and web space. Pupils in the partner school then make cards or write lyrics that are inspired by Christmas music, make movies about custom.
1. Teachers will exchange experience in a virtual environment with other schools from Europe.
2. The students will be able to communicate with other students from participating countries to find out cultural values, to use ITC, to improve foreign language skills.
3. The parents will teach their kids about local tradition and customs and they will take part at the activities.
Work Process:
Step 1: November 2008
All partners will post on the common eJournal " Christmas in Europe" and twin space general data about their school, students, teachers, town and country.
Step 2 December 2008
All partners will post video clips/movies, pictures and Power Point documents which will include:
- Christmas songs;
- dances;
- traditions and customs;
- traditional food;
- Christmas cards;
- Christmas trees;
- Christmas in town.

Step 3. January 2009.
All partners will be realizing feed-back of project.

Expected results:

Teachers and students will make video clips/movies, Power Point documents and pictures which could be watched by all partners. In this respect, everybody will find out how the Europeans enjoy Christmas, and we will know the real values and traditions of the others.
                                                            There will be established friendships and partnerships which will be finalized with other Etwinning or Comenius projects.