Pennant rules

Fees, Match conduct, substitution rules..

  1. Match fees $8, please pay to duty team in office.
  2. Please change to your playing shoes when you get to the court so as not to bring gravel from the carpark onto the playing floor.
  3. Start of match is to be as close to 7 pm as possible. Time between set changes should be kept to a minimum (5 minutes including warm up) to allow for a smooth flow of play. Please try to ensure that you are ready, if you are playing or umpiring the next set.  Keeping break times to a minimum can help lead to an earlier night for everyone.
  4. Last teams to finish, are to help with lock up.
  5. Annual Membership/registration for players to be paid within 3 weeks.  
  6. Indoor non-marking sport shoes must be worn and only water can be taken onto the court and placed in the basket provided.
  7. Balls are to be returned to the duty office along with completed score sheets.
  8. Substitutes: Same or lesser grading, otherwise refer to ETTL substitute rules (see below)


The ETTL has had an informal rule about the use of substitutes for players unable to play on any particular week, based on the principal that a team should not gain an advantage by using a substitute.  The rule, which was casually expected during the roster, was specified only for the semi-finals and finals.  It is that “a substitute player should be of skill level similar to that of the normal player being replaced”.

 As a result of some recent ambiguity about substitutes, the ETTL committee has decided to produce a set of more specific rules about the use of substitutes, which will apply to roster play as well as semi-finals and finals. 

A substitute player can only play with the approval of the opposition team (or team captain, if there is one)

Substitute players of a skill level higher than the normal player can play (with the approval of the opposition team), but may incur a handicap to make the matches more competitive. 

 The handicap will be based on the ETTL rankings for the roster underway. 

·      If the substitute has a match winning percentage more that 10% but less than 20% higher than the normal player, a 5 point handicap will apply to all games (singles and doubles) in which the substitute plays.

·      If the substitute has a match winning percentage 20% or higher than the normal player, a 10 point handicap will apply to all games (singles and doubles) in which the substitute plays.

 (If a different ranking system is developed as a result of the electronic scoring system, an equivalent ranking scale will be determined by the ETTL committee)

  If the substitute has not played during the roster, rankings from the most recent previous roster will apply.  Players not in the ETTL ranking system will automatically incur a 10 point handicap.

 The handicap can be waived at the discretion of the opposition team (or team captain).

 Disputes between teams regarding substitutes will be adjudicated by a member of the match sub-committee (Gavin Conner, Warwick Wilson (Div 1), or Will Fletcher (Div 2))

 These rules apply as of 9 July 2014. The committee welcomes feedback from the membership.