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Kannova Norns

These guys were from my old site. They're C2 Canny norns who have had the Nova Subterra norn modifications added, so they're both Nova Subterra and Canny norns. I didn't really know what I was doing back then, so I can't say if the combination worked out well. I do know that while Canny norns and Nova Subterra norns can't safely interbreed with each other, these guys can be bred with either of them. I'll probably do some experiments with them soon.
I do not take credit for either Canny norns or Nova Subterra norns. Canny norns are the joint creation of Chris Double and Lis Morris, and Nova Subterra norns were made by LummoxJr.
Ettina Kitten,
10 Dec 2011, 09:45