Our Group is based at the School of Environmental and Rural Studies

Javeriana University, Bogotá-Colombia.

PhD  University of Queensland, Australia

MSc  Landscape Ecology, ITC, The Netherlands

BSc Biology,    Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá


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Jaime Burbano (PhD 2013-)

Andrea León (PhD 2012-)

Andrés Zuluaga (PhD 2011-)

Mireya Córdoba Co-Sup (PhD 2010-)

Carmenza Castiblanco (PhD 2009-)

Tatiana Grazón (MSc 2010-)


Juliana Cortés

Santiago Zuleta

William Ortiz

Martín Gaona (2013)

L. Alejandro Garzón (2012)

Paulo Arévalo (2011)

Natalia Ocampo (2011)

Lorena Sánchez (2011)

Danilo Gaitán (2011)

Hector Pabón (2011)

Oscar Buitrago (2011)

Angela Gómez (2010)

Federico Mendoza (2010)

Carlos Castillo (2010)

Jaime Burbano (2010)

Natallia Rodríguez (2010)



    I am generally interested in spatial modeling and dynamic mapping of ecosystems and species at multiple spatial and temporal scales, as an input for understanding the impacts of land use at different scales and the implications for conservation planning.


    I have done research for 25 years mainly in the Colombian Amazon (Rain forests), Orinoco (Savannas) and Andean (Montane forests and transformed rural landscapes) regions. I have dealt with landscape ecological approaches that integrate biophysical and socio-economic data, using Remote Sensing and GIS. One special interest has been the mapping of vegetation as an indicator of physical landscape factors (climate, geomorphology, soil and hydrology), and of human landscape transformation drivers.

    The research group is currently working on the understanding of deforestation processes in Colombia, impacts of land use changes in savannas on carbon emissions, and modeling of plant species invasions.

    Download PDF of Map of Colombian Potential Ecosystems                               (Etter 1998, revised 2007)