Google Classroom Foundations: 
Digital Classroom Management that Maximize
Collaboration and Communication

Thursday October 27th, 2016
3:45pm - 6:00pm
Liberty Middle School Room 223
Course code: GC1-15-102716

Location: Liberty Middle School
                    1 Kelly Drive, West Orange
                    Room 223
IN-DistrictFREE for West Orange teachers, 
                         registered substitute teachers & aides
OUT-of-District CostSingle Person $50
                                         Group Rate $150 (4 for price of 3)
Are you looking to save time, keep student work organized, and improve communication with your students? Google Classroom, a virtual learning management system, works by letting teachers create assignments, make announcements, and start class discussions with students. Teachers can attach documents from Google Drive, share videos, or send links to websites; they can set due dates for assignments and do assignment grading. Class announcements and discussions allow for direct communication in real-time so teachers can pose questions, or share anything else that is important to the class without waiting for the next class period. This course will help teachers K-12 learn how to use Google Classroom to improve instruction and student engagement. Teachers in this course will create their own Google Classroom and implement one or more lessons with students. Collaboration with other teachers is also possible. This course is applicable for K-12 teachers and/or administrators who wish to better their technology skills.

PREREQUISITE FOR THIS CLASS:  Google Drive Foundations class.  A working understanding of Drive sharing is necessary before taking this class.
Class will cover the following from both the TEACHER and STUDENT perspective: 

Create a Teacher account / Come into the Demo Teacher account

Create Class Announcements

Shared Resources (Attachments vs. Add from Drive, Links)

Multiple attachments for a single assignment

Create Assignments

Classroom Folder structure and sharing properties (Classroom folder)

The Turn In Process (Open assignment, Add vs. Create work)

Resubmitting an assignment - student

Multiple files to each assignment/vary permissions per file

Direct message teacher vs. Post to class - Student end

Encourage Classroom Collaboration (slides/sheets for collaborative whole class work)

Creating Questions

Setting a Theme in your Google Classroom

If you have a Google Calendar, you can click on the calendar date and automatically add it to your personal calendar.

Teacher: Tynia Thomassie

There must be a minimum of 8 participants present in order to hold a class, depending on the nature of the topic covered in the workshop.  
Please honor your reservation commitments.