Your Microsoft Outlook account ( is being phased out for email.  
Phase 1: Forwarding of Outlook mail to Gmail

As of July 15, 2016 all email going to your accounts is now automatically being forwarded to your Google account.

You will not miss an email, you will not have to do anything differently -- just start using your account as your email account.

Phase 2: Migration of old data to Gmail
After your department / school is MIGRATED over to Gmail, meaning:
  • all your old emails (in folders as well as non-foldered mail)
  • your contact lists in Outlook
  • your calendar events in Outlook 
will be sent from Outlook to Gmail -- there is really no need for you to use Outlook email address again.
1. All mail going to is being forwarded to
2. All historical mail, appointments and contacts are on your account -- you should discontinue using Outlook.

The 2 things you COULD do that would be helpful before the migration:
a. UNforward any mail being forwarded from Gmail to Outlook (all the mail is set up to go FROM Outlook TO Gmail, if you forward things in the opposite direction you will have boomeranging mail 
b. Empty your Deleted Items folder in your Outlook Email.  (You have already designated mail in there as 'trash'.  Just right click and empty your waste basket).  Otherwise all that "trash" designated mail will also be migrated over.

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