2nd International Workshop on End-to-end Test Script Engineering

July 16, 2012, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Collocated with the International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA 2012)

Welcome to the homepage of ETSE 2012: the Second International Workshop on End-to-End Test Script Engineering.

In recent years, we have witnessed the growing importance of software test automation. In particular, the creation of automated test scripts has seen an increasing emphasis and interest in industry. Automated test scripts provide many benefits, such as repeatable, predictable, and efficient test executions. However, creating scripts from manual test cases can be tedious and can require significant up-front investment. Moreover, after the initial development, like any software system, the test scripts require maintenance. Thus, test scripts have a lifecycle—involving different development, maintenance, and validation activities—and must co-evolve with the application. To perform such activities efficiently (especially when the test suite of an application grows over time to consist of tens of thousands of scripts), the development of appropriate tools, techniques, and methods that encompass the entire test-script lifecycle is essential.

More generally, aspects of software engineering that are pertinent for general applications can be significant for test scripts too. For example, modularity and reuse, which are important tenets in software engineering, are equally relevant in test-script development. Similarly, like a general application, a complex test script may require adequate validation to ensure that it performs the intended actions.

The second ETSE Workshop follows on the successful first edition of the workshop, which was held with ISSTA 2011. Like the first workshop, the goal of this workshop is to emphasize the end-to-end aspect of test-script engineering, and provide a forum for academics and practitioners to discuss the challenges, accomplishments, opportunities, and promising research directions related to the development and maintenance of automated test scripts. ETSE 2012 will feature a set of invited talks.

ETSE 2012 with be co-located with the 2012 International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA 2012).