Animation Tools

For a different twist on movie making in the classroom try animation. Like movie making, animation can be a fun way to incorporate technology, multi-literacy, and 21st Century skills into your classroom. It's a lot of fun too! Who knows, you might just inspire the next Disney!

There are many free and easy to use tools online. Below is just a short list to get you started. Don't worry, most of the tools listed below also have great help pages and tutorials. 

Text to Speech Animation
  • Xtranormal - Create cute and fun animations using text to speech
  • Go! Animate - Video maker using animated characters
  • Voki - Create talking avatars - includes lesson plans and ideas
  • Dvolver Moviemaker - Easy tool to create text only animations

2D Animation Tools

  • Flipbook - Create your own animated flipbooks
  • Loogix - Create animated GIFs  like to one above
  • DoInk - Easy vector based animation tool
  • SAM Animation – Stop animation tool - Download only. Watch the intro video on this one. There are some great ideas!!
  • Scratch – Create and program your own animation. Download Only
  • Pivot Stick Figure Animator - Free download to create animated stick figures movies
  • FluxTime Studio - Create animations online. Paid membership is required to save projects. School rates are available.
  • Zimmer Twins - Tool geared for elementary students
  • Kerpoof - A great site for the younger artists
  • ABCYa - Another simple tool for young students
  • Blabberize - Upload a picture, add a voice over, and make your picture talk
  • Digital Films - A bit more advanced tool for creating digital movies
  • Pencil - Create Animations and drawings that look hand drawn. Download only

3D Animation Tools

  • Blender - Free 3D creation tools. Create game like animations
  • Anim8or - Math based 3D animation generator. Nice tutorials
  • Alice - 3D animation tool

Free iPad apps
More links to Information, tools and classroom tips
List of Animation Techniques - The Flying Animator provides explanations of animation techniques and tutorials
5 Innovative Animation Tools for Teachers - An article from
Web 2.0 Teaching Tools - links to many tools from, highlighting cartoon/comic books

Go2web20 - a few tools also linked here with descriptions
Web 2.0 Guru - links to about ten choices with descriptions

Education Blogger Mark Brumley talks about animation tools. Read his blog.

Frames is an animation program from Tech4Learning. Their site has great examples and lesson ideas. Check it out. Also check out their Claymation in the Classroom Booklet.

Claymation and Stop Motion Resources

Claymation Made Easy - A how-to guide for making claymations
Claymation Overview - A classroom guide created by a teacher
How to Create Claymation or Stop Animations - Clear and simple directions
Claymation with PowerPoint - Great directions for using PowerPoint. Also contains lots of resources and examples
Articles - A great collection of articles put together by Animate Clay


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Example from Flipbook:

Examples on the web


Tutorial from Animation Chefs on Teacher Tube.
The Animation Chefs web show has several episodes filled with animation how-tos.

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