General Guidelines

These are some general guidelines to keep in mind when configuring ETO:


1.     Collect only as much data as you need to know whether your program is successful and whether it is on track toward achieving expected outcomes in the short term. Read more about how to decide how much data is enough.
2.     Don’t get hung up on getting everything right immediately. Performance management is a process which will evolve over time. The best thing is to get started with a system that end-users will adopt, learn, and improve your configuration as well as your programming over time. ETO’s flexibility allows you to adapt continuously.

3.     Keep reporting needs in mind. When deciding on what data to collect, it can be helpful to think about how you want to report on it. What indicators or outcomes do you want to be able to compare between different groups? What data would you use to assess staff performance? What data elements can help you track whether you are on-target for meeting programmatic or strategic goals? What data will staff need to review in order to make decisions about how to engage with or serve a participant?