by:Eduardo Martinez

            Do you believe that skateboarding is more than just an extreme sport. As Tony Hawk said,"I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle, and a sport". Skateboarding is an exhillarating pasion. It is something you do from the first day you get on a skateboard, to the last day of your life. It is something you will love to do. By skateboarding you can relief stress. Whenever you land a trick you get the gratest feeling ever. When you become a skater, you see the world in a whole different way. A rail is not just a rail, a stair set is not just a stair set, it is a spot you can shred. 

          Skaters go through many things, some good and some not so good. There are many people, some good and some bad, that dont like skateboarding or skaters. They think skateboarding is nonsence, and that skaters are an anyment. They believe that skateboarding is not a real sport. I think they are foolish people that dont know what they're saying. My dad allways tells me to stop skating. He says that skateboarding is not a good thing. He doesn't like when I fall and hurt myself, but i dont care what anyone says. Skaters allways get kicked out of places. One day I was skating in the street and i saw a ledge next to a building. I started doing some grinds on it. Then a cop came and told me to leave from that place. He said that ledges are not made for people to skate on. I felt like killing some body. My body was filled with anger. I allways have to keep watch for security guards and cops, so I dont get in trouble. On top of all that, skaters keep on skating. The good part is when you become a good skater, you feel like the world is yours. You can find many things to skate on and do tricks. A ledge, stairs, rails, hubas, manual pads, and gaps.

        Even though skaters go through many bad things, skaters keep rolling. There are people that have broken many bones and have gotten many scares. Every time I try a trick and fall, I get back up and try it again till i succeed. There is nothing that can stop you once your rolling. Tony Hawk, a pro skater, is a great example for all these things. Tony Hawk has been skating since he was a little kid. He was once told that he couldn't make anything out of skateboarding, but he did not care what other people said. He has   been taking many hits for a long time. From scares and bruces to broken body parts, he has defeated death many times. Because of his love for skateboarding, Tony Hawk will not qhuit till he is physically inable.

           Skateboarding is not just a sport because you can get really creative like if it was some kind of art. In skateboarding there are no teams. The only team you have is you and your skateboard. You can create new tricks or new obsticles. Rodney Mullen, a freestyle skater, invented many tricks that where very intriguing to skaters. He was very creative with his tricks, that is why he became very popular to the skating world.

             In conclusion, I believe that sateboarding is not just an extreme sport. I believe it is not just an extreme sport. I believe it is a live long thrill. I dont belive that skateboarding is just a sport. I believe that skateboarding is just skateboarding. There is nothing else like it. I believe skateboarding will bring joy to your life. I believe that skatebarding is a the best lifestyle to live. I believe that a skateboard is the gratest thing ever created. I believe skateboarding is one of the greatest arts ever. Those are the things that led me to the believe that skateboarding is not just an extreme sport.