Hello..My name is Eduardo, I am 13 years old. I am in a summer program called the summer bridge in Richmond Ca. This program is for students to get smarter, and so they can be prepared for high school. I have two teachers. One is Mr.Mannix and the other one is Mr.Reese. Mr.Mannix, a weird teacher, is assigning me to do this. We get to do cool things in the program. You also get to make new friends and we also get to see our friends from  last grade. I like to skateboard a lot.  I skate all day, every day, any day, any where, any how, and when ever. I also like to play guitar. I also like to go mountaing bike riding.  

            I have many goals for my future. One goal is to be a pro skater. I want o be a very good and very known pro skater. If I dont get to be a pro skater, I would want to be a engineer. I want a career that is fun and that you get to be outdoors. I want a high paying career. I want to travel to many places. I want to make my own skate shop. On top of that, I want to learn how to make skate parks.

          To do all these things I will need to do a lot of work.Even though its very hard to be a pro skater, I will still try to succeed. To e a pro skater i will need to practice every day. I would need to skate every day, and I would need to get sponsorships. College is very expensive, so I will need to get a job. To be a engineer i would need to take math AP, science AP, and english in high school.Then I would need to pass some tests like the SAT and the CAHSEE. I would like to go to UC  Berkeley. There I would need to get a bachelors degree in engineering. To make my own skate shop I would want to go to a good buisness school like Stanford University. Then from there, I would need to graduate, and then start my business.

          Thats all that is in Eduardo's world, I have to go now. Thanks for commin to the page. Hope you liked it and you enjoyed it. Be carefull, try not to get in trouble. If you have any questions send me a message at