Etienne Aigner Checkbook Cover

    etienne aigner
  • Etienne Aigner AG is a fashion house based in Munich, Germany, that specializes in high-end leathergoods like as handbags, luggage, belts, wallets, leather accessoires and so on. It is named after its founder, Etienne Aigner (1904–2000).
  • A book of blank checks with a register for recording checks written
  • A cheque or check (American English) is a piece of paper (usually) that orders a payment of money. The person writing the cheque, the drawer, usually has a chequing account where their money is deposited.
  • Alternative form of chequebook
  • a book issued to holders of checking accounts
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etienne aigner checkbook cover
Vintage Etienne Aigner Peep Toe Pumps
Vintage Etienne Aigner Peep Toe Pumps
Please see my profile page for more information about my shop! These shoes won't stop flirting with everyone they meet despite what the other shoes are saying about their behavior. Brand: Etienne Aigner Made in Italy US Size: not marked but estimated to be size 6 1/2. Please be sure to take your own measurements to ensure a great fit! Measurements: 9 1/2" length INSIDE of shoe (heel to toe) 3" ball width widest point 7 3/4" length along bottom of shoe toe to heel cap back 3 1/4" heel height These pumps are in good vintage condition but do have several scuffs as seen in the photos. Shipping price details...... to locations in the United States: prices below reflect PRIORITY Mail shipping costs via United States Postal Service to International locations: prices below reflect FIRST CLASS shipping costs via United States Postal Service If the shipping seems to high let me know if you'd like me to ship your item in a more inexpensive (a.k.a. slower) way. Also, if you'd like your item sooner, I will gladly upgrade the shipping if you would like to pay for the charges. All sales are final. Please see store policies for further information.
Etienne Aigner Ornamented Heels 2
Etienne Aigner Ornamented Heels 2
The silver trim, though lost in the image, is the perfect accent for a workaday heel