Internet Resources

International Study Group on Ethnomathematics (ISGEm). <> Contains newsletter, papers, journals, and links to ethnomathematics- related web sites.

Ethnomathematics Digital Library (EDL). <> Contains a searchable database of ethnomathematics materials, activities, curricula, and publications for all levels. (I recommend browsing by subject to start)

Australian Academy of Science (NOVA). <> Contains readings, lessons and tools for teaching different ways of counting and representing numbers, charts, calendars, decimal systems, abacus, boomerang, patterns, symmetry, knots, reasoning and logic.

Alaska Native Knowledge Network. <> Resources focus ways to teach science and math meaningfully to Alaska Native students. Curriculum resources and more.

Engineering Pathway. <> Culturally situated design tools: teaching math through culture. African, African American, youth subculture, Native American, and Latino cultural explorations. Lesson plans, evaluations, and other teaching materials.

Ethnomathematics Snapshots <> Briefly defines and gives examples.

Learn NC. K12 Teaching & Learning. <> Lesson plans sorted by grade and subject

Math Across the Community College Curriculum. <> 100 internet resources for Math Across the Curriculum, Quantitative Literacy, and Ethnomathematics

The Math Forum @ Drexel's <> Links to internet resources on Multiculturalism.

Mid-Continent Comprehensive Center. <> The American Indian Education Knowledge Base of Incorporating Ethnomathematics. Contains links to resources for teaching and readings on ethnomathematics.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). <>Many cultural designs are based on mathematical principles. This software will help students learn standards-based mathematics as they simulate the original artifacts, and develop their own creations. Teaching topics include African, Native American, and Latino Cultures for: fractal geometry, transformational geometry, hexastrip weaving, transformational geometry, Cartesian and polar coordinates, Rotation and sine function, Cartesian coordinates, Cartesian coordinates, Cartesian coordinates, angles, coordinates, parabolas, geometry, counting, modular math, transformational geometry, symmetry, pre-algebra, fractions, LCM.

The University of Texas at Austin < > Annotated bibliography of internet resources on ethnomathematics including lesson plans and teacher resources.

The University of Wisconsin. <> Ethnomathematics resources including curriculum and pedagogy.

Working to Improve Schools and Education (WISE) <> Multicultural education and Cultural Competent Teaching. Contains links and descriptions to 75 websites for articles, teacher resources, lesson plans, etc.

Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute <> Curriculum units by topic. Need to scroll down to mathematics.