academic ethnological society

15, Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd., 26A cab., Sofia 1504, Bulgaria 

Academic Ethnological Society 




Academic Ethnological Society (AES) is a non-profit organization of people interested in ethnology/cultural anthropology. Since 1997 its members are involved in ethnological research of traditional and modern Bulgarian lifestyles.


This year the Society’s project Let People Know (About) Otherness is dedicated to the 2007 - European Year of Equal Opportunities for All. Therefore the annual fieldwork of the AES members took place in the region of Central Rhodopes, Southern Bulgaria, populated both by Bulgarian Christians and Muslims, preserving more or less traditional patterns of living. In relation with the Year’s ideas of acknowledgment to the phenomenon of otherness, we arranged a display of photos showing a little known face of Europe. EU2 /this is Europe, too/ is an attempt by means of visual anthropology to represent a perspective towards one remote edge of the continent, where the word discrimination remains unknown, the other is always heartily welcomed and the only lack of equal opportunities lies deep in the economic subsistence.


Unfortunately somebody disliked our ideas so much that they prevented the opening of our exhibition, scheduled to take place on October 1st during the Official opening of the Academic Year at the Sofia University.


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