Human Rights Violation Exposed: 

Essex County Council List 98 

Grapevine Effect , Social Engineering, The Orwellian Society



According to a Council Officer,  Mrs Nicola A Reynolds, Essex County Council  List 98 (ECC List 98) was a secret blacklist of teachers established in the 1970s'.  Unlike the DfES List 99ECC List 98 could not be challenged by those teachers whose names were arbitarily placed on it as the parties  were not informed of the reasons why they were placed on the list.


The list only came to light in 2002,  when Mrs Reynolds informed me and the other  teachers  affected, that Essex County Council  had a duty to notify individuals that they were on the list, as a result of the UK's implementation  of the European Convention of Human Rights within the framework of the British  Legal System.


ECC List 98 was unjust,  unfair,  and  definitely not in the public interest and breached directly and indirectly the Human Rights of the teachers affected who were denied employment in their chosen profession.


Parties affected


Individuals on the list, of which numbered many in 2003, were not aware that employment barriers had been placed against them,  in some cases due to hearsay (grapevine effect),  malice, uninvestigated complaints,  their active association with the Union's  or being branded  troublemakers  for raising legitimate grievances  and  as a result their careers were irrevocably damaged by being denied  the opportunity to seek alternative employment or challenge the decision.


Mrs Marion Press,  Essex Racial Equality Council Director for some 15 years, was not aware of the existence of  ECC List 98.  She communicated via e-mail on Wednesday 27 June 2007 the following:


I was aware of the list 98 to which you refer, but only because you constantly referred to it in correspondence with the Southend office.  Despite enquiries at the time I could not find anyone who would either confirm or deny the existence of said list.


The Lists continual development


Essex County Council (ECC) secretly removed some names from ECC List 98 and placed them in what they called Appendix 3 Index B.  At one stage they claimed they just called it “The List”.  Further investigations revealed the following:


ECC List 98 has been replaced by ECC Appendix 3 Index B.


      1.  Between 1970 and 2000:


q     Essex County Council kept a secret blacklist of teachers dubbed ECC List 98

q     No record was kept of the Essex County Council officers who secretly entered names onto the list

q     No record was kept of  Essex County Council officers who secretly checked that the entries were accurate

q     No individual whose name was on ECC List 98 was notified and given the right to make representations


2.      A copy of ECC List 98 did transfer to Southend from Essex County Council at the time of the establishment of Southend as a unitary authority.


According to Mr Paul Greenhalgh, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Director of Children and Learning, Southend BC just filed the ECC List 98 when it got it.  His actual words in an email on Wednesday 07 June 2006 are:


                                The list that transfered from Essex has been filed and

                                has not actively been used.


Southend and Thurrock were part of Essex County Council prior to the local   government  reorganisation in the late 1990s.  Both of them opted to become unitary authorities - Southend on Wednesday 01 April 1998 and Thurrock on Tuesday 30 November 1999.


Southend confirmed in writing that ECC List 98 did transfer to it; Thurrock is yet to respond to my enquiries.


Two Southend Officers, Ms Karen Melville and Mr John Murphy, stated that there was a discrepancy between what Mrs Nicola A Reynolds told me about ECC List 98 and the version that was transferred to Southend Borough Council.



Essex County Council List 

Current Numbers


Latest information reveals that Essex County Council List 98 has been replaced by three new lists according to Essex County Council Information Sharing and Information Security Consultant Mrs Sarah Streetley.  They are:





Appendix 1


List of persons considered unsuitable for working with children or vulnerable people



Appendix 2 - Index A


Individuals where ECC has been notified by another employer to contact them before employing the individual



Appendix 3 - Index B


Former employees whose previous employment history may give cause for concern




Appendix 2 Index A implies that other local authorities may be holding  similar lists.  So far, Southend Borough Council has revealed that it has been given a copy of the Essex County Council List 98 when it became a unitary authority on 01 April 1998 and has kept it ever since.  However, it claims  not to have  used the information.


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