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The Ethnic Minority Group [EMG] is a voluntary  alliance of members based in the  North West, providing confidential advice in support of Professionals and Non-Professionals in their collective fight against Racial Discrimination in Institutions of Higher Education, failing in there duty to value diversity..


Currently many Manchester Universities, have several ongoing cases of discrimination because they fail to recognize racial discrimination  and Institutional racial discrimination.  Our aim is to help applicants overcome spin and achieve their objectives by providing  support where the CRE and the Unions have failed.  Advice is offered  regarding harassment, victimization by employers, breach of the Race Amendment Act and attempts by employers to withdraw  allegations of racial discrimination by a process of harassment and victimization. 


If you feel the CRE and Unions have failed you and need last minute support and alternative advice, contact us to pursue your case  before you decide to withdraw.  We are currently applying for a listing on the Tribunal for Racial bias and the Counsel for Ethnic Minorities in England and Wales.  We are tackling the failings of the CRE and the Unions in fighting racial discrimination for all Black Members and ethnic minorities.  If  you  feel we can provide you advice and support or know a friend who could benefit from this E-mail please forward it to them.


We are interested in hearing from members stitched by rogue solicitors in Race Discrimination cases and those who have won their cases so we can build a network of experienced  solicitors and Tribunal Counselors to advise our group.


We would  like our members to provide their comment on the failure of the CRE & Unions to support their cases  in Race discrimination Tribunals in view of their statutory obligations. This information will be important to our  wider organization lobbying the CRE and Unions to undertake their duties under the Race Amendment act instead of appearing to collude with the Employers.


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