Women's Vocational Training


ESRI has provided funds and arranged for vocational training for 100 mothers annually at General Wingate Vocational College in Addis Ababa. The intensive training lasts a month. The mothers have formed legal cooperatives, as tailors, caterers and poultry farmers. ESRI has provided funding for sewing machines for the seamstresses, stoves for the caterers, and egg laying chickens for the poultry farmers. This will enable and empower the mothers of our children to become wage earners and help support their families and children. The government has provided a mentor from the small enterprise organizing office to help setup the businesses.

We have partnered with WISE, an local NGO in Addis Ababa, which provides basic business training and mentoring to the Mothers who will go on to receive training at a Vocational College and equipment from ESRI. The goal is to train 100 mothers annually so that they can support and feed their families.

2008- to present

We work with the mothers and members of the community to help enrich the school programs. We helped the mothers of our original students who had weaving and pottery skills, to organize business co-ops by providing them with equipment, including funds for a new kiln built by the families,  pottery wheels and training. We hope to extend vocational training to other mothers in the various sub-cities.

the old kiln