Adama University

Main Library

The library at Adama University was opened in 1993 and can seat 450 students. The library has a collection of 25,500 book, periodical, and other materials.  The library was established with funding from the World Bank.  The Adama University Library provides information services to 10,000 users at the campuses.  The library only allows students and faculty into the library.  Also the library is open to staff, other institutions, and people coming to the library to research.


The library is divided into 4 departments.  These departments help to keep the library functioning.

Technical Services Department- This can be seen as the acquisition, cataloging, and preservation section of the library.  This can be further divided into two units; the Library and information Technology unit and the Technical Processing Unit.

Technical processing unit which performs Acquisition, Binding, Cataloging & Classification of library materials.

Library and Information Technology unit- Coordinates the use of technology at the library.  This includes performing the ICT pool coordination, Digital Library Development, Library Automation and ejournal provision.  Some technologies that are used at the library are computers, e-books, e-journals, the OPAC, and e-Granary.  Also they deal with printing, multimedia resources; audio and software.

Public Service Department- This department helps users find information and teaches skills for research.
Reference- direction to materials, advice, how to use reference materials
Administrative Department- This department deals with the budget, policies, and official records.


Libraries of the Adama Science and Technology University


There are six libraries in the Adama Science and Technology University


1.    The Agriculture Library:  This library is located in Assela campus. The library has around 11,000 books, periodicals and thesis. Moreover, it also offers information resources like E-books and E-journals.

The branch library has three sections: Circulation and Reserve, Reference and Information, and Facility and Computing Resources sections. Computing Resource Section also provides photocopying, Internet and multimedia services to the community of the university.


2.    The Business and Pedagogy Library: This library is located in the Adama campus. It has around 15,500 books and periodicals. The Business and Pedagogy library also offers information resources like E-journal, E-books and Google books.


3.    The Health and Hospital Library:  The Health and Hospital Library is located in the Assela campus. The library has around 9,000books and periodicals. It has a seating capacity of 500. Its collection is mainly for the students and faculty members. The library also has its own circulation and reserve, reference and information, and facility and computing resources sections.


      4.Humanity and Law Library:  This library is located in the Adama (Main) campus. It is a new library, which was opened in October 2011. Its information resources include E-books, E- journals, Google Books and different printed collection from relevant sources.

5.    Information Technology Library: This is also a new library of the Adama University, which was founded in 2005 in the Adama Main Campus. It has around 6,000 books and periodicals. Its collection is mainly for students and faculty members of the School of Engineering and Information Technologies.


6.    Natural Science Library: The Natural Science Library was opened in 2008. It has around 26,000 books and periodicals and its collection is mainly for the School of Humanities and laws students and faculty staff.

The library also provides services for all users having admission service to the library. The library’s main information resources include E-books, E-journals, MITopen courseware and eGranary





Organizational Structure Of Adama University Library




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