Who are the Kicking Kenyans? (formerly Ethiopian Elites)

The Kicking Kenyans is a free marathon training group sponsored by RunnersWorld Tulsa. We are currently training for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and several other spring marathons, half marathons, and various ultras. The Kicking Kenyans have a nominal long run training pace between 7 and 9 minutes per mile. Since we have a wide range of paces, we usually break up into smaller groups for our runs. You are free to run whatever pace you choose. If you need to train at a slower pace, there are other training groups sponsored by RunnersWorld Tulsa that you could fit into.

Amy Goldman is the run leader for the Kicking Kenyans. She completed her first marathon in November in an impressive time of 3:37, and is looking to better than at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. She is also looking forward to helping others achieve their goals.

Dave Sargent has been the run leader for the Ethiopian Elites for the last several years, and he plans to continue to be involved with the Kicking Kenyans, but due to a lingering injury he is not able to keep up with the group. He has finished eight marathons and three 50k races. He also has competed in a fifty mile trail race and has paced Coach Kathy (for as much as 66 miles) in two 100 mile races.

Why did we replace the name Ethiopian Elites with Kicking Kenyans? It is because the Kenyans are stinking fast! Not even the Ethiopians can keep up anymore in the marathon. In the past year, the marathon world record, which was formerly held by the great Ethiopian, Haile Gebrselassie, has been bested four times, by two Kenyans at the Boston Marathon in April, which didn't qualify as a world record since it is a point to point course, once by Patrick Makau of Kenya in the Berlin Marathon in September (current world record, 2:03:38), and once by another Kenyan in October.

We all would like to be fast too. Come join our group!

Why should you train with the Ethiopian Elites?

  • It is free!
  • Dedicated, experienced, and caring coaches
  • Planned training routes
  • Water, Gatorade, and snacks on the routes
  • Variety of training including hills, intervals, tempo, and long runs