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This ministry presents to you, in cooperation with the Bible Society of Ethiopia and the Lapsley/Brooks Foundation, the Original Digital Edition of the Revised Amharic Bible of 1962 in searchable PDF Reader Format.

The first digital edition of this bible Version is the result of a journey which, by the grace of God, brought together different people in different continents of the world. The printed edition of 1962 was computerized in 1992/93 with the blessing and support of the Ethiopian Bible Society and Ato Kebede Mamo, the Director, by Hiruye Tsige and his wife Genet. The format then was SIL ASCII. In 2001 I contacted the Lapsley/Brooks foundation by email. This was the beginning of a blessed, fruitful remote fellowship with our dear brother in the Lord Bradford Lapsley. In the same year, I developed a software which transformed the SIL format to the up-to-date UNICODE format (UTF-8). After completion of this version Todd Lingren from bible.org contacted me, because they wanted to publish it. I provided the files and they converted it to HTML format. This version is published since then on bible.org. I converted the data to XML format in 2004, which has been used by different sites in the Internet.

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