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Are you looking for your famous birthdays ?

I know what I am talking see I've been there, done that, bought the T shirt ......and just about every product that came along.

My story started in 2008 when I first started taking notice of the make money online ads.

I started reading about these guys who were making vast amounts of money online.

The more I read the more I realised that this was the way to go.

I knew I wanted to be making money online, but how, what, where I had no idea.

I started to read the various IM forums and blogs and also signed up to as many freebies as I could to try to get some idea of how to progress but……you guessed it……..information overload.

I was tearing my hair out, which is not a good idea at my age. So there I was running around in circles going from one method to the next with very little success, earning next to nothing and invariably ending up chewing my sleeves in frustration.

I seemed to be spending more and more money on the “next big thing” hoping that this time it would work, basically I had bought into the guru’s dream of internet riches and all it was doing was depleting my bank balance more and more.

It wasn't until I stopped chasing the next "shiny object" and started to concentrate on building a  serious, sustainable, online business that I started to see success.

SO LISTEN!.. If you have trying to make money online without success then I am here to tell you that it is not your fault.

Like most newbies you were probably seduced by the promise of untold riches, sucked in by images of Ferraris and beach front condo’s and an implication that all this is all possible with just a few clicks of the mouse.

But here's the real truth!

You were doomed to failure before you even began....WHY?


They pump out a seemingly, never ending supply of products that promise so much but ultimately, rarely deliver.

These products give just enough info to draw you in so you buy into the "IM DREAM"

But ultimately you are left facing failure unless you buy the next shiny object ...then the next one..and the next and so it goes.

The Internet Marketing Industry is saturated with products that teach you how to make money teaching others how to make money online.... by teaching others how to make money online ad infinitum.........

But just think about it for a minute....

Why would someone who makes 6 or 7 figures a year online sell you that self same system for $27?

Quite simply they wouldn't. If they did then you wouldn't need to purchase any more of their products ever again.

But while there is a seemingly endless supply of people who are desperate to Make Money Online these so-called gurus will keep peddling their crap.

Is it any wonder that 95% of all marketers fail to make a single dollar online.


Unfortunately we still have the "Scammers, Rip-off Merchants and so-called Gurus" making millions at our expense.

Did you know that a recent survey asked people if they trusted online marketers.

A staggering 88% said no.........88% said no!!

I feel that this situation is unacceptable and  the time has come to say....


Enough is enough..........

It is time to.............

Don't get me wrong. 

There are some great marketers out there with some great products that really do help people to make money online.

I particularly remember listening to marketers such as Alex Jeffreys and John Thornhill who seemed genuinely passionate about helping their customers to online success. Once I put into practice what these guys were teaching then things started to click into place

These marketers know the importance of delivering value to their customers so it makes them more likely to buy future products.

That is why they are consistently successful.

They have built their online business on a sound footing, delivering products or services that are of value to their customers.

These are Successful  Marketers........Ethical Marketers.

But we want a situation where the majority are successful, ethical marketers.



Here at the Ethical Marketers Club we are fighting back.

Fighting back... against the so-called Gurus.

Fighting back... against the scams.

Fighting back.... against the shiny object syndrome.

The Ethical Marketers Club is passionate about helping as many people as possible to online success.

We are committed to helping our members grow their businesses in an ethical and sustainable manner.

We believe that the internet marketing pie is big enough for everyone to get a slice, not just the gurus and super affiliates.

  • To Help As Many People As Possible Achieve Online Success.
  • To Provide A Platform For Marketers To Connect And Build Mutually Beneficial Business Relationships.
  • To Fight Back Against The So-Called Gurus, The Scams & Rip-Offs And The Shiny Object Syndrome.
  • To Help Our Members Build An Ethical And Sustainable Online Business.

Not Your Normal Membership Site!

Don't be fooled into thinking that this is like most “IM” membership sites out there which are full of the same out of date PLR material that is pushed around the internet.

The Ethical Marketers Club is different, most of the products that are added to the members area are brand new, exclusive products.

Many of them have been created specifically for The Ethical Marketers Club and will not be available anywhere else. This ensures that members have the highest quality software products, ebooks, guides & video courses to help in the development of their online businesses.

Members will also have access to our exclusive Facebook group where they can interact.

As well as all that we are about to launch a Monthly Newsletter which will be packed full of the latest news, products, tips and techniques from the “IM World.”

We know how easy it is to miss out on the latest product when it is released on a dime sale, before you know where you are the price has shot up to $27 or more.

As a member of The Ethical Marketers Club you can qualify for up to 50% off one product each and every month which could potentially add up to hundreds of dollars over the year.

Only members of The Ethical Marketers Club can qualify for these discounts, you won't find them anywhere else.

But That's Not All!

Join The Ethical Marketers Club Today And Get All These Bonuses Absolutely Free!!


The Ethical Marketers Club Guide To Mastering Youtube Marketing

A brand new training guide to help you explode your online business using the very latest Youtube  marketing techniques. ($27 Value)

Internet Marketing Success Secrets

Finally Learn The Key Secrets To A Successful Online Business.

($47 Value)



Take Any You Tube Video And  Convert New Email Subscribers With One Plugin That Works With Any WP Theme

($97 Value)

Facebook List Building Formula

Learn the secrets to making a killing on the worlds leading social media platform with this brand new, up to date, step by step training guide.

($27 Value)

Facebook Remarketing Training Guide

Explode you profits with the latest Facebook re-marketing techniques ($47 Value)

WP Launch Theme


A fantastic wordpress theme to set up your entire product launch process and all this done from within easy admin panel

($97 Value)

As well as all these bonuses which are available for immediate download in the members area, there is a wealth of Ebooks, Video Training Courses and Software available in our archives. As well as that there will be new products regularly added to the members area.

From list building to CPA to affiliate marketing to product creation and much, much more, there will be something for everyone.

Join The Ethical Marketers Club today and my close business partner JOHN THORNHILL will have avery special invitation for you in the members area.

Totally Unbiased Product Reviews.....Unlike most product review sites we are not affiliated to anybody so our reviews are genuine and totally unbiased.

Additionally we plan to run a product of the month competition where the winner is automatically given a lifetime membership to the Ethical Marketers Club which could potentially add up to hundreds of dollars.

As well as all the Fantastic Free Ebooks, And Video Courses available to members there will also be some great Software Products some of which are available for instant download, which are all designed to help you build your online empire.

An In-Depth Feedback System...This is a feedback system where members can leave feedback based on their experiences in dealing with each other. This removes the uncertainty often present when working with new vendors or affiliates for the first time.

With this type of feedback system the longer you remain a member the more feedback you get and subsequent higher feedback score.

Join The Ethical Marketers Club Today And Get All This

  • Access To All The Ebooks, Fantastic Software And Video Training Courses

  • Access To Our Exclusive Facebook Group

  • Access To Our Blog Pages

  • Access To Our Upcoming Monthly Newsletter

  • Access To Ongoing, Exclusive, High Quality Products

  • Exclusive Discounts To Some The Latest Product Releases.

Your Chance To Give Something Back

It is fair to say that many people have made a lot of money off the back of their fellow marketers.

Make no mistake, we are all in this business to make money but...

Being a member of The Ethical Marketers Club enables you to give something back.

It enables help, other less successful marketers in their quest for online success.

It enables you... to build on your own success.

It enables everyone.... to build an sustainable, ethical online business. 

Not as much as you might think bearing in mind what's up for grabs....

Remember what you will be getting.... All the Ebooks, the Fantastic Software, Video Training Courses, access to our exclusive Facebook Group and Blog pages. 

 Just $11.99 for all the tools you need to build an ethical and sustainable online business.

Just $11.99 to claim your slice of the internet marketing pie.

Just $11.99 to secure your financial future.

This special time limited offer of $11.99 only lasts for 7 days during launch week.

After that time the we will go to a $11.99 per month subscription basis.

Sign up today and pay only $11.99 for a full years membership to the Ethical Marketers Club.

So don't delay if you want lock in your 85% discount.


Don't Forget Our No Risk Guarantee

As well as a low introductory price we give you our risk free money back guarantee. If you feel that The Ethical Marketers Club is not for you, FOR ANY REASON, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase date and we will refund your payment, no questions asked. So what are you waiting for….. Sign up today

Ethical Marketers Club

Don't Let The Scammers, Rip-Off Merchants and So Called Gurus Win

Join The Ethical Marketers Club today and start building your online empire.


Here's To Your Success



Ian Beardsley

Founder of The Ethical Marketers Club

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