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"The only way to a better society is through better ethics"

Social freedoms, rights and property are simply arrangements between people. In other words, they are contracts. But why would anybody sign a contract with those who are dishonest, unfair or secretive? Is agreement even possible if there is no trust, openness and confidence?

That's why a free society and freedom itself is grounded in ethics. However, true freedom is possible with the only kind of ethics - objective ethics, which foundations reflect the essence of freedom. All other kinds of ethics (ie based on traditions, religion, ideology or "science") lead to violence, coercion, influence, power, etc. Because any of this entails injustice, objective ethics rejects all kind of violence - not only physical, but also economic, psychological and even moral. Otherwise, parties of a social contract will be eventually tempted to revert to violence in order to restore justice.

This site explains the foundations of objective ethics and explores the features of a truly free society. The content is based on the book "Cult of Freedom & Ethics of Public Sphere" which is available for downloading here.

Warning! The site may require time. For an introduction please see Freedom and Ethics (popular) or Moral Realism vs Objective Ethics and Communicative vs Objective Ethics (more scholarly).

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