Everything About Ethanol

Ethanol is a grain alcohol. It is made by fermenting plants with high sugar concentrations. While it is drinkable, it is toxic in high quanitites. It can also be used as a fuel. Globally, the U.S. produces the most ethanol, 6.5 billion gallons, with Brazil at a close second, 4 billion gallons1. (The image below is a model of what a molecule of ethanol looks like.)

The Benefits of Ethanol
  • Both the crops used to make ethanol and the ethanol itself are produced domestically, reducing U.S. reliance on foreign sources
  • Is water soluble and non-toxic
  • Ethanol plants create 700 new, permanent jobs in the local community
  • 40% of ethanol plants are owned by small farmers
  • Potentially good environmental consequences such as cleaner air and less water/soil pollution
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