WELCOME to ETFO Summer Learning!!!

Empowering Learners Using Technology in the Classroom
Trish Morgan, Susan Watt 


Session Description: Today's classrooms are evolving into vibrant, collaborative learning environments driven by student inquiry and supported by a variety of technology options. In this 3 day session, we will look at how student learning and inquiry is impacted in classrooms that have desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, chromebooks, iPads or a blend of these. We will explore a wide range of online tools and applications which are readily available on most devices, and which provide rich opportunities for students  to express their creativity, delve into critical thinking and collaborate with others. You will have a chance to drive the direction of your own learning in our flexible, individualized environment. Some questions we will strive to answer are: Is there an optimal number and type of device? Which devices / apps are best suited to certain learning tasks? How do I manage a multi-device classroom? How is assessment impacted by technology options? What are Social Media / Web 2.0 tools and which are most appropriate for the classroom? How can I access Google Drive on different devices? and ... What issues are on your mind? Join us in this session and engage in some meaningful reflection and dialogue about 21st century technology-enabled teaching and learning. BYOD :)
Trish Morgan  
  Susan Watt