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    Welcome, friends and foes alike. I am quite surprised indeed that you found this site, unless, of course, you are a hacker. In which case the joke's on you; a virus has been sent to your computer, so you may rue the day you started hacking. If you are not a hacker, well then, you probably shouldn't have come to this site anyway. Sorry for the virus.

    So, the obvious question on your mind must be: "Who is this guy, and why does he have his own website?" A valid question, err, questions.

    I am an admirer of many online things, such as forums, webcomics, that O RLY? owl, and much more. Unfortunately, I do not contribute much to such rich culture; I merely observe it. What I DO contribute I will do so here, and will consist of 90% commentary and 10% other stuff. 90% of this "other stuff" will be dedicated to original works of music that I compose, and the other 10% of it will go towards random statistics, just to annoy people.


     NEW Forum:

     So, I created my very own forum a few days ago. It's called the Truth Syndicate. You can find it in the Links box.

     What is so great about this forum? It is a vibrant metropolis of the intellect, where people can go to discuss and debate various issues. Some person may find an interesting article online, and post it to share with others, or someone may ask a question on school work and another may answer it.

     The only problems with it is that, since it was only created a few days ago, and I have a very limited knowledge of coding, the site doesn't "look" pretty. If you would like to aid in that category, I will make a customary rank for you. The other problem is that, also because it is new, there are a dearth of members. And by dearth, I mean only 3. If you are interested, please consider joining, even if you don't plan to participate at the moment, as every member that joins makes the site seem more robust, and will persuade even more to join. Popularity, indeed, is a snake that is constantly feasting, and the larger it gets, the more it can eat.



    Suddenly it all made sense: Melee vs Magic was missing something (besides a fanbase), and that something was visuals. It's just plain boring to read through one of those interviews, even with my witty remarks. Somehow, if I could turn that idea into a webcomic, it would be gold, but I stink at drawing comics...

    At least, at drawing realistic comics.

    I remembered at this moment all the stick figure comics I drew for fun during free blocks at school. Not everyone loved them, nor should I expect everyone to, but it did appeal to a certain audience, although I can't really identify what that audience is. Stick figures should be easy to draw in MS Paint, as I don't have to use the mouse to draw anything (aka use the Paintbrush), only connect straight lines. 

    It was simple to do, and I already had a concept worked out. Add a few touches here and there, make fun at the whole simplicity of the stick figures, make myself, the author, a God-like figure, and name the whole thing God Complex (I got the name from a meta-narrative essay my sister wrote in college, where she gibes that "all writers have a bit of a God Complex in them). The link to the comics can be found here.



    I have started Melee vs Magic, an interview of sorts between a warrior known as Melee and a mage known as Magic. It's not the most sophisticated of ideas, but it allows me to open up debate as to whether magic users or, err... non-magic users are stronger. I personally tend to tip in the direction of magic, but both sides have their ups and downs. Every now and then I'll do an interview between one or both of them, but most of the episodes will be based around questions asked by YOU, the reader. So if you're a loyal visitor to the site, feel free to ask Melee or Magic any question about them or the world of fantasy.

    Oh, and I have a FAQ now. More on that as people ask me questions.

    Oh, and I removed the blog feature. I decided that the home page is kinda like a blog already, and if I want feedback I'll get them via emails.



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