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Here I will host a bunch of neeet shit I find. Games, some of these cool little gadgets provided by google, ... just more randomness really. I'll put some more stuff in here soon so check back maggots!

Silver Dollar Ring! O rly? Ya rly!

Ok this is pretty fkin cool, here's a tutorial (complete with photos) on how to make a ring out of a silver dollar! And yes it involves more than just dremeling out a hole in the middle...
Make ya a silver dolla ring!

Picture of the day??

Ok nuckas, I got and idea to add something else to the site. A simple Picture of The Day type thingy, except I think it shall be picture-of-the-week instead since it's not everyday I get the chance to update this site. The photo of the week can be anything from humor, nature, art, bizzare ... just whatever strikes my interest at the moment. So, here goes & enjoy : (BTW, click the thumbnail for the larger pic duh)


Friday March 14th, 2008


Sunday October 7, 2007

This is for you Adam, Happy Birthday!!!!!

From: unknown ... This is animated & downsized, click to view original.


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