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 Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Native Tax Exemptions Hurting Small Business (News Release, November 12, 2009)

Bovine Belching Latest Tax Sinkhole (Commentary, September 9, 2008)

Debt and Tax Relief Welcomed! (News Release, October 20, 2008)

Urban Reserves (Live Radio Interview) 620 CKRM News at Noon, January 9, 2009

News Release: How Sick is That?!

Crosspoint column

Gratitude in a Difficult Life October 9, 2007

Fundless Faith Discriminates October 1, 2007

My Life is a Blessing September 24, 2007

Survey Says...Marriage! September 17, 2007

A Miracle at Ground Zero September 11, 2007

Merit, not mud September 4, 2007

Opinion Pieces

'We're both better for it', September 5, 2007 Regina Leader-Post

Whitmore: Crown Made a Deal with the Devil, July 26, 2007 Prince Albert Herald, August 1 Regina Leader-Post

Echoes Heard at Virginia Tech, April 19, 2007 Yorkton Review

Indoctrination 101, January 2003 Carillon

Feature Articles

Rose and her Thorns: The Harding Boys,  Published in The Wood River Free Press, June 5, 2006

Same-sex in Saskatchewan, Fall 2004 U of R Journalism School Assignment

A Protestant at World Youth Day 2003, August 2003 Carillon 

Human Interest

Riders Coach Living Out a Dream September/October 2007 Living Light News

Metalhead Evangelizes on the Web December 1, 2007 Christian Week

Sickness and Healing Transform Teen August 17, 2007 Christian Week

Ex-addict launches music website August 3, 2007 Christian Week

Winning the Race of Life May/June 2007 Living Light News

News Articles

Gospel Artists Aren't In It for the Money October 15, 2007 Christian Week

Hearts Healed in Notorious Neighbourhood October 1, 2007 Christian Week

Flag Fallout Continues For Maritime Mayor October 1, 2007 Christian Week

Mayor Draws Firestorm: Refuses to Fly Gay Pride Flag September 1, 2007 Christian Week

Evangelism and prophecy booths attract thousands September 1, 2007 Christian Week

Activists utilize Internet to stir debate September 1, 2007 Christian Week

Disc promotes sexual purity September 1, 2007 Christian Week

Jesus Manifest Rocks Dauphin July 2007 Christian Week (Manitoba Edition)

Council gives national voice to anti-poverty champion July 20 Christian Week

Bookstore Links Community With Churches July 6, 2007 Christian Week

Addiction Recovery Program Grows, Gains Recognition June 22, 2007 Christian Week

Canada Summer Jobs program disappoints June 22, 2007 Christian Week

"Christians only" real estate ad causes concern May 11, 2007 Christian Week

Sask Wheat Pool Goes Public, February 21, 2005 Reuters


Jesus Loves Pez, February 2003 Carillon