About ETCA

The East Tennessee Chinese Association (ETCA) is an independent, non-for-profit organization founded in 1992 by Chinese and Chinese Americans living in the Knoxville and Oak Ridge region of Tennessee. The primary goal of ETCA is to encourage academic, professional, and cultural exchanges among members; promote activities related to Chinese arts and culture, and foster the recognition and integration of the Chinese community in East Tennessee. ETCA is also actively involved in various charitable fund raising events, and plays an important role in community diversity and cultural programs.

ETCA is the original sponsor of the thriving East Tennessee Chinese School, where more than 80 student study Chinese language on Sundays. The Chinese school has become the back bone of the local Chinese community. Other clubs ETCA supports include the Tai-chi club, the Martial Arts (Wushu) Club, and the Knoxville Chinese Chorus Club. ETCA annually hosts picnics, parties (e.g. mid-autumn) and group outings for members and their friends. It co-hosts the annual Grand Chinese New Year Performance Night, which attracts local Chinese and other ethnic Americans in the area.

ETCA strives to bridge different cultures and encourage members to be actively involved in their local communities. Throughout the years, ETCA members have participated in community services such as "feed the needy" and "adopt a road". ETCA is also actively involved in various charitable fund raising events (e.g. donations to flood victims in China in 1998, to earthquake victims in Taiwan in 2001, and the annual Dragon Boat Race which benefits the Knoxville Area Rescue Ministory). Together with other local Chinese organizations, ETCA has played an important role in enriching the diverse culture in the Knoxville/Oak Ridge region. In 2000, ETCA's contributions to the local community were recognized by the Tennessee State House of Representatives with a formal Proclamation.

ETCA Membership

ETCA membership is open to all Chinese, Chinese Americans as well as people of any other ethnic origins who are interested in ETCA activities. The annual membership fee is $30/family or $15/person. All membership fees are used to sponsor activities benefiting ETCA members. Active ETCA members can ask for a copy of the ETCA financial balance sheet from the current ETCA treasurer (see below). As an ETCA member, you will have the priority to attend all ETCA sponsored activities. You will have the privilage to vote for ETCA issues and council member election, to have access to the members' zone of ETCA webpages and ETCA GroupMail.

New member registration and membership renewal usually take place twice a year at the spring and fall picnics. If you would be interested in joining ETCA at any other time or have questions about ETCA membership, please contact Jianwei Hu (hellojianwei@gmail.com).

ETCA Council members (2014-2015):

Jianwei Hu (President)                                        hellojianwei@gmail.com
Kai Sun                                                                  kaisun@utk.edu
Hongbin Bei                                                          beih@ornl.gov