Like their counterparts in the past, digital badges have the potential to celebrate small instructional victories as well as revolutionize assessment in any learning environment. Trusting learners to be in charge of their own curiosity and progress is empowering. As teachers, choosing to coach learners as they discover their own learning paths rather than deliver content to them changes the instructional dynamics completely. 

So, are you ready to see what badges can do for you?

This collection of badges is targeted for classroom instructors hoping to gain experience as badge earners and developers. 

The purpose of this badge collection is to honor and acknowledge foundational edtech skills for classroom teachers.

Members of this site are expected to:
  • join the EdTech Badges for All badging community by filling out the corresponding forms throughout the site. 
  • submit clear evidence.
  • Ensure that all evidence is publicly viewable before submission.
  • meet all the components in order to earn each badge.
  • respect the work of their peers and avoid plagiarism of any kind.
  • respect the validity of each badge by claiming and posting only the badges they have officially earned. 
  • troubleshoot their own learning.

What if we celebrated our learning as we learned?

What if we chose our own professional learning paths?

What if we reminded ourselves, and others,
of the skills we've learned?

What if we grew and connected with our 
professional learning network with purpose?