Module 1: Basic Tech Skills

What basic technology skills are needed to be a successful digital badge earner and designer?
Module 1 is designed to qualify educators and learners for digital badge earning and designing.  There are certain technology skills that are essential for any digital badge earner and designer to have. 

By earning the microbadges in this module and unlocking the Basic Tech Skills digital credential, you are communicating that you are prepared to move forward in future online modules on most digital badging platforms. 

Earners of the Basic Tech Skills digital credential can: 
  • take a screenshot on their chosen device
  • copy and paste digital content

To earn the microbagdes below, navigate to the unique pages on this site and post the required evidence. Make sure you have joined the EdTech Badges For All earning community by filling out the form on the Home page of this site. 
basic tech skills macrobradge
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