Session 2: What makes a good educational podcast?
Monday, January 30, 2012

Class Topics
  1. Podcast Finds
  2. PodQuest
    1. What makes a good Podcast?
    2. How important is a high production value?
    3. How long is too long?
    4. Education vs. Entertainment - what is the difference?
    5. What makes a good educational Podcast?
  3. Discuss potential uses of Podcasts in a K-12 setting
  4. What can "podcasts" look like?
    1. Audio Only
    2. Vodcasts (Ze Frank)
    3. Enhanced Audio (Pictures, PPT Slides)
    4. Screencasts
    5. Enhanced Screencasts
    6. Common Craft (Podcasting / My AP World Project)
  5. Software Overview
  6. The Flipped Classroom
    1. The Flipped Classroom
    2. The Backwards Classroom
  7. Project Proposal Overview
  1. Flipped Classroom Analysis
    1. Review the following articles on the Flipped Classroom and iTunes U
    2. In Google Groups discuss the pros and cons of this model AND how it might fit into your educational world. Include how iTunes U could play into this occasion. 
  2. Post Project Proposal in the Google Group
  3. Comment and provide suggestions in Google Group