This course is designed to be practical, current, interesting, empowering and thought-provoking. It is built around active learning and collaborative thinking. When we're done, you'll have created an educational podcast, found a way to integrate one into your educational setting, and developed insights that will enable you to design additional podcasts appropriate to your work.


This course is targeted at teachers at the K-12 and college levels as well as others involved in the training of adults. No prior experience with podcasting is needed.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will
  • explain the attributes that make a podcast successful;
  • apply Keller's ARCS model to enhance the motivation of your listeners;
  • integrate elements of storytelling into a podcast script;
  • find the tools needed to
  • capture audio from multiple sources and edit it into a final soundtrack;
  • create an RSS feed for your podcast and disseminate it;
  • write a plan (lesson or logistical) to implement a podcast series into your educational world.