About this site

This site is the online home for artifacts and reflections produced in fulfillment of a graduate student internship in Educational Technology at the University of South Carolina. The internship consists of assisting the SC Fire Academy, through support provided by the SC State Firefighters' Association, with the design of an online course to address roadside operations safety. Although the course is being developed specifically for firefighters in South Carolina, portions of it could also be of value to any of our state's emergency responders, or emergency service providers such as tow truck operators.

In 2003, South Carolina passed what is commonly known as a "move over law" that requires motorists approaching an emergency scene to move into the far lane, away from where responders are present, and where that is not safely possible to do, to slow down and proceed with caution. The existence of that law is however by no means a guarantee of responder safety while operating near roadways. Just how dangerous roadside operations can be was made all too evident in 2010 when a young SC firefighter lost his life while assisting with a brush fire along I-20 in Columbia. As recently as July, 2012, a SC highway patrolman was also injured when struck while investigating a crash.

While much has been produced concerning roadside operations safety, this course is intended to serve as the centralized, online instructional resource on the topic for firefighters across the state, and as such will harness distance education's ability to deliver one consistent message to the widest possible learner group through a carefully considered and designed curriculum. The content for the course is being guided by a subject matter expert (SME) group composed of career and volunteer firefighters. You can follow my progress in the internship through the reflections and other content linked on the left side of each page in this site.