Eye of the Tiger

 An Endangered Animal!


9 species 3 extinct 6 endangered

  • mammal
  • 13 feet long
  • 660 lbs.
  • taiga
  • grassland
  • tropical


Future of tigers

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Lets Get Physical!

Tigers are the heaviest cats in the wild. The have three main colors. Rusty reddish orange coat with over 100 black stripes and an off white ventral stripes. The stripes of a tiger are that to a humans finger print;and if shaven their skin mirrors their fur.


White tigers are actually quite rare;but are popular is zoos due to inbreeding!

Get in My Belly!

Tigers eat according to their location. For example in India tigers prey on wild boar and sambur. In the jungle they mainly eat monkeys and fish. Tigers use their ability to jump to their advantage and typically catch prey at awkward angles. Once their prey is caught they pierce into the jugular, or breaking the spinal cord;strangling the innocent animal to death.


Bye Bye Love

Three tiger species are already extinct and the fourth is on its way,South China Tiger.



Hunting,posioning,trapping,shooting,and snaring.

Tigers are quickly becoming extinct due to the killing and trading of the innocent felines and alos the killing of their prey. In the forest outskirts local residents are pushed to their limits through proverty and look the to tiger as a means of survival. The poor locals hunt and trade the tigers to poachers in hopes of surviving themselves. With these interferences the lives of tigers are soon  to fade...



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