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Did you Know???...

  • That rainforests once covered 14% of the earth's surface. Now they only cover 6% and experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be gone in less than 40 years!!!!!  
  • That one and one-half acres of rainforest are lost every second
  • That nearly half of the world's species of plants, animals and microorganisms will be killed over the next 25 years due to rainforest deforestation.
  • Experts estimates that we are losing 137 plant, animal and insect species every single day due to rainforest deforestation.

How does this effect me??

  • More than half of the world's estimated 10 million species of plants, animals and insects live in the tropical rainforests.


  • The U.S. National Cancer Institute has found 3000 plants that are able to fight cancer cells. 70% of these plants are found in the rainforest.
  • Twenty-five percent of the active ingredients in today's cancer-fighting drugs come from organisms found only in the rainforest.
  • The Amazon Rainforest has been described as the "Lungs of our Planet" because it provides the world service of continuously recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen. More than 20 percent of the world oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • At least 3000 fruits are found in the rainforests; of these only 200 are now in use in the Western World.