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Level 1 - ePortfolio as Storage

Collection -- Creating the Digital Archive (regularly – weekly/monthly)
A Focus on Contents & Digital Conversion
  • Digital Conversion (Collection)
  • (server access set up at each site by May 1 -- Teacher training on server use)
  • Artifacts represent integration of technology in one curriculum area (i.e., Language Arts)
The most basic level of creating an electronic portfolio is the collection of work in a digital archive, stored on a server, whether locally or on the Internet. At this basic level, the teacher or the student stores the artifacts in folders on a server.

The basic organization of the digital archive is based on files in folders on a server. At this level, teachers choose one curriculum area to store student work samples (for example, writing samples in Language Arts).

The basic activity at this level is converting student work into digital formats and saving these documents in the designated storage space (not on individual laptops). The role of the teacher at this level is to provide students with guidance on the types of artifacts to save.

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