This site is a development space for the Electronic Portfolio Committee of the Eastern Sierra Unified School District.

Teacher Help Desk on ePortfolios - a resource on implementing ePortfolios in ESUSD.

Our vision for electronic portfolios, developed in December, 2008:

Electronic portfolios foster meaningful learning by allowing all students to evaluate their growth over time, to share their achievements and strengths with others, and to improve their own skills through reflection and goal setting.

The district-wide implementation of electronic portfolios is presented here as a developmental process, addressing both the diverse and growing technology competency of the students and teachers, as well as the varied experience with the portfolio learning and assessment process.  Teachers and schools may start at a minimum level (Level 1--Portfolio as Storage) and build toward higher levels of implementation as they gain skills and comfort with the portfolio process.  

What is an electronic portfolio?

An eportfolio is an electronic collection of evidence that shows your learning journey over time. Portfolios can relate to specific academic fields or your lifelong learning. Evidence may include writing samples, photos, videos, research projects, observations by mentors and peers, and/or reflective thinking. The key aspect of an eportfolio is your reflection on the evidence, such as why it was chosen and what you learned from the process of developing your eportfolio.
Adapted from Philippa Butler’s “Review of the Literature on Portfolios and Eportfolios” (2006), page 2.

This model of ePortfolio development is developed under the guidance of Dr. Helen Barrett, ePortfolio Facilitator, and her model of Balancing the Two Faces of ePortfolios.