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Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy
The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy contains definitions for a wide variety of philosophical topics.  The entries provide internal links to related topics in the field.  Each entry has a citation at the bottom of the page that is viewable in APA, MLA, and Chicago style.  (ESU login required) In addition to the electronic version, WAW Library also holds print editions in the non-circulating collection.

Credo Reference
An online encyclopedia covering many topics, Credo Reference has articles pertaining to a large number of philosophical topics.  Pages provide citations in various styles (MLA,Chicago, APA), and certain pages provide bibliographies for further reading that can be helpful for those starting research.

Oxford Companion to Philosophy
A strong philosophy reference tool.  Entries are provided for numerous philosophical topics.  The entries provide internal links to related topics in the field and links to adjacent entries as well.  Many articles contain a bibliography for further reading. Citation information for the page is provided at the bottom of each entry. (ESU login required)  WAW Library also holds print editions of this work in the non-circulating collection.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
An open source encyclopedia of philosophical topics, the IEP provides a broad overview of philosophy and the history of ideas.  Good for an overview or for browsing, however, students should not attempt to cite it in papers, as the academic review of the IEP is tenuous.  However, the IEP is free online and does not require registration.
(Note: At time of writing, the website appears to be experiencing trouble with some of its pages.)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) is an open source internet encyclopedia of philosophical topics.  The SEP is considered a reliable source as content must pass before an academic review boardThe SEP covers many topics with a great deal of depth, and articles often have extensive citations that can be browsed for further research.  In addition, it provides instruction on how to cite its webpagesNo registration is required to access materials.

Translation and Foreign Language Materials:

Perseus Greek-English Lexicon

Perseus Latin Dictionary