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Directory of Open Source Journals
Provides a large selection of open source journals. Very international in scope, searching DOSJ lists 164 journals under philosophy that focus on a variety of topics.

Provides a large collection that contains numerous major philosophical journals.  Many journals have significant backfiles, although many do not provide access for the last 2 to 5 years.   Users can browse journals by discipline (i.e. "Philosophy") and title for more targeted research.

Philosopher's Index
Provides a wide index of materials including books, journal articles, book reviews and more.  Materials in Philosopher's Index can be sorted in a wide variety of ways.  While numerous resources do exist in full-text, serious researchers might consider using Philosopher's Index in conjunction with ESU's Interlibrary Loan system.

Project Muse
Provides numerous philosophy journals, and users can browse its journals by discipline and title to see the scope of information covered. Many philosophical journals are held in full-text with coverage up to the current issue.

Religion and Philosophy

Contains journals related to philosophy and religion, although coverage is more generally focused on religion.  Philosophy researchers will still find a decent amount of sources, and the coverage includes numerous full-text and citation-only materials for further research.