The English-Speaking Union of Estonia 

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"Creating global understanding through English"

Founded in 1918 to promote "international understanding and friendship through the use of the English language", The English-Speaking Union, an international educational charity, numbers over 50 international branches in every part of the world as well as almost 40 local branches in the UK.

In a world increasingly dominated by conflict, the mission of the English-Speaking Union, “Creating global understanding through English”, appears now more relevant than ever. The establishment of the English-Speaking Union of Estonia at its inaugural meeting on 1st February 2007 was thus an event of great significance for Estonia, a modern, forward-looking country whose international success depends to a considerable extent on the use of a language that is understood all over the globe.

The ESU of Estonia, which enjoys the full support of the British Council in Estonia, is very definitely not an organisation for expatriate English residents: indeed, there are only two English members on the current committee and at our inaugural meeting the audience was entirely Estonian!

Whether your interest in the English language as a means of bringing people together and promoting dialogue is professional or cultural, business-oriented or educational, you are warmly invited to follow the links on this page and to join us and take part in the varied programme of events we shall be offering over the coming months and years.