Amazing Green: a crisis-cream, used to promote healing, enhance new growth and inhibit the growth of bacteria. 

Amazing Joyful Joints: a combination of Amazing Green and Joyful Joints. Provides both deep soothing heat and healing and promotes better healing of the muscles. 

Amazing Salve-ation: a combination of Amazing Green and Salve-ation, stronger than Salve-ation but not has potent as Amazing Green.

Beautiful Feet: nourishes, softens, penetrates and soothes your feet to prevent dry, cracked skin. 

Hallelujah Hair: a rich mixture of herbs and oils that heal, strengthen, tone, nourish, soften, and prevent damage to hair. 

Joyful Joints: a soothing deep heat that allows your muscles to experience healing herbs so they will be less tense and more relaxed. The combination of herbs and oils allows for easier penetration so warmth and healing on a muscular level can take place. 

Salve-ation: used daily to heal, moisturize, replenish and protect the skin. It has herbs and oils that are anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. It provides long lasting moisturization and prevents dry skin.