Summer Trip

Meeting family members, old and new... 

We flew to Seattle in early August to catch up with Peter's family.  Here's Esther meeting her cousin John for the first time.  How "touching"...


Here are the proud grandparents!

 Grandpa built this dock just in time for Queen Esther's arrival


Here are Grandpa and Esther at Uncle Minh's house.

Peter's uncle, aunt and cousins from New Jersey were in town as well.  Uncle Minh had all of us over for a barbeque and a birthday party for Esther's cousin Matthew (the handsome fellow in the suit).

This is Esther with her Great-Grandma Phan

Esther with her Grandparents and cousins Matthew, Michelle and John.

Back to Grandpa's for a sunset on Silver Lake.

Baby swap!