Seventh Month
Giggles, gurgling, and goop


Mmm... cake...


Esther learning from Mommy in the Kitchen:


Esther's growth is right on track.  She is 26 inches long and 17 pounds now!  


We learned first-hand what solid foods can do to a baby's diaper.  The nursery has been declared a Federal Disaster Area.  While we eagerly await the National Guard's deployment to Saginaw, Peter selflessly places himself in harm's way.  ALL VISITORS MUST WEAR APPROPRIATE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT.  ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

 Another clean-up completed.  Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency urges citizens to remain indoors with the windows tightly shut until further notice...

Esther and Daddy in a candid moment captured by Mom:

Esther is sitting up now!  Here are some photos of her in the front yard.