Ninth Month


Ong Noi (Grandpa) tells us that the more fingers a baby sucks, the more siblings she wants.  Well, Esther must want a lot of siblings...


Esther can quickly wriggle across the floor and get into all sorts of mischief.



Esther picks up a lot of dirt crawling all over the floor, which inevitably leads to bath time...

 ...and laundry time:


We drove me to Berrien Springs, MI and stopped for a picnic at a beautiful rest area.  Here are the girls enjoying themselves:

In Berrien Springs, we stayed in a quaint guest home nestled in the woods.  Beautiful!

Berrien Springs is only 15 miles from the beach, so we took an afternoon excursion to St. Joseph and strolled along the water.

Esther got to feel sand under her feet...

On the way home, we ate at an old-fashioned soda fountain.  They served the meal in a cute lunch box and used pretty glasses for the sodas and sundaes.  It was delicious and fun!

Here's Esther, lost in a book.