Esther's Spring Trip

While Dad's away, the girls will play... 

Nancy and Esther visited Washington and Kansas while Peter was in Niger.  As you can see, Esther enjoyed packing.


This is Esther with her uncle Duy in Lynnwood, WA.


This is Esther's Great-Aunt Thuy


Nathan, Nancy and Neil all flew into Denver airport on the same day.  Here's the family waiting for Neil's arrival.


Here's Great-Grandma Isaac with her thirtieth great-grandchild!

Here's Esther with her Uncle Neil, fresh back from Africa.  He was still in Africa when she was born.

Isaac ingenuity at its finest: a home-made jungle gym built from two chairs and yard-stick!  Grandma and Grandpa Isaac used to rig these over their children's cribs.

There was a family reunion on the night before Mother's day.  From left to right: Great-Uncle Leroy, Great-Uncle John, second cousin Michael, and Great-Aunt Sharon.

Uncle Wayne will make a great dad, don't you think?

Here are four generations represented on Mother's Day:

While Nancy wasn't looking, the family brought Zorro inside to play with Esther.

Here's baby shepherd Esther auditioning for a Christmas Pageant.

Esther with her Great-Grandma Depew.

Four generations of lovely ladies: