Eighth Month

We took Esther to the Blueberry farm for the first time.  As you can see, she could hardly contain her excitement:


Esther eventually got the hang of it, though.  Lesson Number One: don't eat green berries.


Picking berries was the easy part.  Prying them out of Esther's hands was the hard part.


Eventually, Esther discovered that it was much easier to wait for us to pick the berries, then steal them from the bucket.

Esther and Mom posed for a few snapshots on this sunny Sunday afternoon. 


Peter is experimenting with flash photography, which makes us laugh (nervously) at this comic:


The following photos were a team effort at Phantastic Photos.  Nancy got Esther's attention, Peter held the camera, and Esther...um, moisturized the black velvet.  Several times.