1. Introduction

August 2016 Update!  Esther has now successfully completed the first two years of her business program at University of Professional Studies, and  has just completed a summer internship at Trust Logistics, Ghana.    Read her Report on Internship.

Esther hard at work (July 2016) 

We are still in need of funding to enable her to complete years 3 and 4, which will cost around  $2200 CAD each. We have very nearly reached this target.  Please see details on other pages of this site. You can donate online at Go Fund Me.  


Esther Ayensu Esi is a brilliant and talented  Ghanaian woman, born in 1995.  She comes from  Dzogadze, a small agricultural town in Ghana's Volta Region (where students enrolled in the University of Alberta's summer program (http://bit.ly/ghanamusic) have frequently traveled to witness powerful performances of traditional music and dance), , near the district capital of Akatsi.  Tragically orphaned at an early age, she nevertheless  completed her high school education with high marks, thanks to  her talent and determination, along with support from her uncle, the chief (Torgbi Agbla) of Dzogadze, a teacher who studied performing arts at the University of Ghana.  In high school, she not only excelled in academic subjects, but proved to be highly accomplished as a dancer, musician, and actress as well, winning several awards and prizes for her performances.  After graduating, she came to live with her aunt in Ashaiman, near Accra, where she makes a meager living selling water sachets.  Esther dreams of attending university to study business, in order to realize her full potential, find employment, and encourage and support youth in her village, a nationally recognized center for traditional music, dance, and culture.  However, tuition and living expenses are prohibitively expensive for most Ghanaians:  the full cost of university tuition, room, and board for four years will be about  $8500 CAD.  In her  straitened circumstances realizing her dream of university education is so difficult.  Yet she remains full of hope, determination and good cheer.  

After dedicating herself to the application process, and thanks to generous contributions enabling her to afford application fees (150 GHS each) to four Ghanaian universities, we received wonderful news in July 2014:   Esther was been admitted to the prestigious University of Professional Studies in Accra. University fees alone are 2,832 GHS per year (around $900 CAD), not including living expenses. 

It would be very helpful to consider a yearly amount considering that your donation will be split among four years.  $100 per year is ideal. So far I've received generous donations from several former Ghana program students of $100/year each, and another $100/year from a  philanthropist in Ottawa.   

We're trying to raise the remaining funds required to help Esther to realize her tremendous potential -  for herself, for her family, for her community, and for Ghana as a whole, not only for what she will contribute to society directly as a productive citizen, but equally as a shining example of what can be achieved through hope and determination.  Thank you for your support in helping one of Ghana's most gifted youths realize her aspirations, for the betterment of all.

--Michael Frishkopf, Professor of Music, University of Alberta

PS -  You can now contribute to Esther's education online via Go Fund Me - just click here; most credit cards are accepted: http://www.gofundme.com/c6hbto  

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